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Solidarity with the Supreme Court of Justice and the Roma children of Gyöngyöspata

Written by on January 16, 2020

“We, the undersigned Hungarian citizens, are most openly protesting and rejecting the attempts of the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and other Fidesz politicians to influence and pressurize an independent Hungarian court, namely the Supreme Court of Hungary..

The link of the petition: https://www.peticiok.com/szolidaritas_a_kuria_birosaggal_es_a_gyongyospatai_roma_gyerekekkel

The Hungarian Supreme Court will announce the final court decision in the case of the school segregation in Gyöngyöspata only during the spring – which might order the damaging parties to pay compensation. However, the prime minister and his party / faction have already “appraised” the second-instance decision, in breach of the expectation that politics would not interfere in an ongoing court case.This is a grave breach of judicial independence and autonomy, which is unacceptable.

We also ensure our full solidarity to the Romani children of Gyöngyöspata, who are now being attacked by the government. We find it outrageous that adult, powerful, powerful politicians do not speak out against segregation at school, but speak out against children who try to stand up for their truth, describing them as profit-seeking people who are searching for the opportunity of free money. It is unacceptable for any child in Hungary to be a toy / tool / target for politics! It is shocking to us that the suffering, humiliation and disadvantage of separately educated Romani children do not count at all for the Fidesz politicians who speak out in a rhetorical campaign against the Roma community.

Finally, we express our solidarity with the lawyers representing the claimant / injured children and their families in the Gyöngyöspata compensation claim and also with the organization CFCF (Chance For Children Foundation), which has become the target of a routine anti-Soros rhetoric by Fidesz.”

📸: Facebook / Jenő Setét

Translation: Radio Shun.es / László Farkas

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