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Dzhan.es – News on Shun.es

A 6-hour DJ mix session including an exclusive mix from Legars

“Become an organizer of the protest by sharing this announcement!” – asks the main organizer “Idetartozunk Association”.

“Claim back your future!” – this is the slogan of this year’s slogan of Budapest Pride Festival.

Contributors are welcome to join them

“The employees of Miskolc hospital obstetrics and gynecology department had turned an open letter to the Minister of Human Resources, among others, reporting the unjustified uterus and fallopian tubes removed on.

Márió Kiss activist is our guest, who is also talking about how they will try to deal with disco discrimination in the future.

We telephoned Martin Alex Hegedűs, coordinator of Diverse Youth Network’s LGBTQI Working Group.

Szófiában mutatták be a roma LMBTQI önreprezentációról szóló fotókiállítást

The Roma LGBTQI photo exhibition about self-representation has been introduced in Sofia

Petition of Jenő Setét – Idetartozunk Society