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Free Court, Free Gyöngyöspata – demonstration on February 23

Written by on February 14, 2020

The announcement of Idetartozunk Association

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Dear Friend!

The Hungarian Roma communities are currently suffering the most brutal governmental assault of the past thirty years when the government seeks to prevent, slow down and make it impossible to pay compensation in the case of Gyöngyöspata school segregation. They use the case to increase the public sentiment against Roma, and they initiate a compensation in kind, consciously ignoring the fact that compensation always means financial compensation.

With this attitude, the government indirectly authorized the Hungarian far-right forces to rejoin and to attack the Roma communities, with the consequence of the far-right march in Miskolc and Sály.

We ask you and the organization representatives to overcome any organizational debates and to be part of this common protest and join us, possibly from more towns, in the march called “Free Court, Free Gyöngyöspata”. The march aims to be a peaceful, nationwide demonstration, relying on social allies. We feel it is our duty to show our social stance and to organize solidarity with the attacked courts and with the individuals involved. Please join us if you agree that our primary task is to preserve social peace and at the same time to protect the institutions of justice and the civil rights of people.

The day of the demonstration is also the day of remembrance for the victims of racist serial killings in 2008-2009, Tatárszentgyörgy. On February 23, 2020 we have a duty to remember that hate speech and propaganda that incites people to oppose one another can lead to serious tragedies.

See you on Sunday, February 23, 2020 in Budapest!

1 pm – 1:30 pm – Meeting point: At the memorial plaque of Béla Puczi, Nyugati square (Parking lot of the railway station), from here we walk to Markó Street 16 (The Building of Supreme Court) and tell our messages regarding the protection of independent courts.

2. 15pm – 2. 30pm – We are demonstrating at Kossuth Square and speaking out against the views and unlawful interference of the government representatives in the Gyöngyöspata Compensation Claim, against the violation of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. (Democracy Square, South Gate of Parliament, on the side of metro entrance)

Please send your feedback to the following email address: idetartozunk@gmail.com

Kind regards,
Jenő Setét
Idetartozunk Egyesület
(“We Belong Here” Association)

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