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Stereo Productions

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Az ibériai duó hétről hétre a világ legjobb eseményein lép fel, megerősítve ezzel pozícióját a globálisan elismert DJ-producerek között.
A Stereo Productions kiadó két évtizede a klubzene élvonalába tartozik. A label zenei világát Chus & Ceballos most egy új rádióműsorral repíti a levegőbe.

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Stereo Productions

by Chus & Cheballos

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Friday 22:00 23:00
Sunday 03:00 04:00

Spain. In. Stereo.

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Chus & Ceballos's music is synonymous with all that is exciting about electronic music today, having emerged as
the figure head of the hugely prolific Spanish scene.

The Iberican duo has now confirmed his position as a globally recognized DJs and producer, headlining the world’s finest events week in week out.
His acclaimed Stereo Productions label has been at the cutting edge of club music for well over two decades; now Chus & Ceballos takes to the airwaves with a new weekly radio show.
Featuring exclusive live performances, cutting-edge studio mixes, artist profiles and previews of exciting material on Stereo Productions, this show is set to be a sure-fire hit with electronic music fans worldwide.

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