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About Cosmocaravan

Cosmocaravan aka Rradio Ccaravan is an international cultural and community radio made by people with different minority backgrounds and by their supporters. Besides its entertaining and musical nature, its aim is to help people to create more inclusive, healthier, livable societies and environments.

The musical profile of Cosmocaravan focuses mainly on Romani, world dance and electronic music. Cosmocaravan creates a common platform of various musical genres, artists and their followers, thus bringing them, their countries and cultures closer to each other.

In the world of Cosmocaravan, a gate of the Universe is opening the legendary island Es Vedra, the island with exceptional magnetic energy close to Ibiza. This is the the magical gateway between the electronic sounds of the Universe and the melodies of Planet Earth”.

The interactive earmark of Cosmocaravan is that each aired song can be introduced by anyone, who uploads a voice message on the website with a comment, wish or nice memory related to the song.

We make our own manufactured content with the appreciation of physical and mental health consciousness as well as vegetarian and vegan life views. We consider it as an important task to strengthen environmental awareness, so some of our servers backs up on 100% renewable, carbon dioxide-free energy.

We respect religions, worldviews, inclusive religious groups based on universal love and fraternity. We stand in solidarity with other minority groups, eg. with sexual minorities. We consider the feminist and transfeminist movements as one of our main allies.

We are openly looking for applications from organizations, bloggers, activists, and content creators who would contribute to any of these goals, who would further color the Cosmocaravan program and podcast palette.

If you wish to donate Cosmocaravan, please use the following button PayPal* button below, or contact us in order to find another way.

E-mail: radio@cosmocaravan.online

Thank you in advance!

*The PayPal button leads you to the PayPal account of our sibling television channel and parallel media project, QRTV Europa. Currently we are able to receive your donations via this PayPal account.